Shortdark Web Development


Development 30th Jul 2016. Time to read: 2 mins


You can see my public git repos at my GitHub profile.

Some of My Test Websites

Here are some websites I've set up at various points as part of different personal projects I've worked on...

  • React PWA/TailwindCSS, 2022. Previously Vue PWA/BulmaCSS, 2020, and jQuery, 2016.
  • PHP, no framework, 2015.
  • Vue.js/TailwindCSS with Laravel back-end, 2021. Separated into an API with separate static front-end, 2022. Previously jQuery/BootstrapCSS, 2019.
  • Python/Flask, 2021.
  • At one time was a website to upload and store images online, similar to photobucket or imgur, had around 2,000 users, 2002.

Composer Packages

See my PHP composer packages at my Packagist profile, includes tests.

  • shortdark/socket 2021 Creates a date-based SVG graph with up to 10 lines (or more, if required) from an array. It's a composer package based on my first Git repo from 2014. I use this code myself in a couple of places. I've tried to make it general enough that someone else might be able to use it, and at the same time make it fit my own purposes.

WordPress Plugins

I have three WordPress plugins.

  • Post Volume Stats 2016 Look at your own posting patterns and export the results to your posts and the widget in your sidebar.

  • Add Target Fixer 2016 This is currently a very simple plugin that solves the potential security issue of target="_blank" (sometimes referred to as Target Blank). While it is very simple now I plan to add extra features to it.

  • Javascript CSS Accordion 2019 This plugin uses plain javascript to add Accordion functionality to a WordPress blog.