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Development 30th Jul 2016. Time to read: 1 min


Some of My Test Websites

Here are some websites I've set up at various points as part of different projects I've worked on...

WordPress Plugins

I have three WordPress plugins. Each plugin is completely different. One is mainly an admin area plugin that also has a widget, the other modifies content in all posts and pages, and the last is an easy way to add accordion functionality to a blog with shortcodes.

  • Post Volume Stats 2016/17 Look at your own posting patterns and export the results to your posts and the widget in your sidebar.
  • Add Target Fixer 2016 This is currently a very simple plugin that solves the potential security issue of target="_blank" (sometimes referred to as Target Blank). While it is very simple now I plan to add extra features to it.
  • Javascript CSS Accordion 2019 This uses plain javascript to add Accordion functionality to a WordPress blog.

While I have used WordPress for many years I started to become irked with it as a framework. I still have WordPress websites, and I'm sure I will do more WordPress work in future, but there are other frameworks and ways of coding I'm leaning towards at the moment.