Shortdark Software Development

Mobile App and Website Development

Experience and Learning

I have been involved with software development for over 20 years, but am constantly learning. One person cannot know all there is to know in software development but by being eager to learn new things as they arise and understanding how to learn I have been able to stay ahead of the current trends. I have shown that I can easily pick up different techniques and languages, in particular in recent years I have completed projects in Javascript, Python and MongoDB.

One-Stop Shop

Currently the list of things I can work on includes: websites, databases, APIs and mobile apps. Coming from back end development I understand both back end code, Linux, webservers, databases and the infrastructure it runs on whether it be cloud infrastructure or traditional servers. I have moved many websites and APIs from traditional servers to the cloud, or from one traditional server to another. I have also built several multi-platform mobile apps and submitted them each to the Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store.


I like to think of one of my fortes as being my communication style. I have spent my career carefully explaining technical concepts to non-technical people. Whereas, a lot of technical discussions can get bogged down in technical jargon, I pride myself in explaining the pros and cons and letting the client choose what they want with all the information at their fingertips.

Or perhaps, you do not want to get to deep into the weeds. Tell me what you want in English and I'll make it happen for you.

Find Out More

For more information see my about section, and you can also contact me for more information.