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About Shortdark

Development 1st Jan 2021. Time to read: 1 min


I am a web developer living in Sheffield, UK who has mainly been developing websites in PHP.

My Career Timeline

  • 1999 Taught myself HTML and CSS.
  • 2000 Junior software developer.
  • 2001 Taught myself javascript.
  • 2004 Webmaster, taught myself PHP.
  • 2008 Self-employed. Started creating my own CMS websites with OOP PHP from scratch. Often building everything, sometimes working with a designer.
  • 2014 First Git repo.
  • 2016 First WordPress plugin.
  • 2018 Started using Laravel instead of my own custom frameworks.
  • 2020 Started using javascript frameworks (GatsbyJs/VueJs) more instead of vanilla javascript and jQuery.